IT Service & IT Consulting

IT Fullservice Provider

As an IT full-service provider in Munich, we support you in all IT questions and offer you a wide range of IT services with a focus on IT support, IT consulting, hosting, IT security, monitoring, backup, hardware and software and mobile working.

We offer our IT services as a IT full-service provider in Munich and throughout Bavaria. Starting with advice on concepts, procurement and implementation of IT systems and solutions. In addition, the range of services covers comprehensive IT support, including maintenance, as well as the coordination of all other technical service providers. This holistic approach with coordinated and interlocking IT services enables you as a customer to concentrate fully on your actual business operations. The specialists trained for this are at your side in the continuous optimization of your own processes and support you in compliance with important standards.

Are you a medium-sized company from Munich or the surrounding area and looking for a new IT service provider in Munich? Get an overview of our IT services and contact us for a first non-binding discussion.


IT Support – holistic & personal IT Service

“Our help desk helps you with all IT problems with the support of our ticket system and offers you fast response and solution times.”

Our services:

  • own IT Support Hotline
  • own Ticketing System
  • fast and competent help with hardware and software

Our qualified IT service staff will help you with all problems. We support you on site with our IT service for all requirements and questions relating to your EDP. Of course, we also offer our support as remote maintenance.

IT-Dienstleister Büro: junger IT-Service-Mitarbeiter lacht und spricht am Telefon mit IT-Kunden

Hosting – by a reliable IT Service Provider in the Munich Data Center

“Your servers and data are hosted securely and according to the current standard in a data center in the north of Munich.”

The advantages of our hosting in the data center:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • High-speed Internet Connection
  • no Hardware required & scalable Server Capacities
  • redundant Power Supply & adequate Cooling
  • Alarm System, Burglar Alarm, Theft Protection
  • early Fire Detection & dust-free Environment
  • regular Maintenance

Hosting, server and GDPR – you’d rather not have anything to do with that? No problem. With us you have an experienced IT service provider as well as a reliable and competent contact person at your side for everything to do with servers and server availability. We would be happy to explain to you what is important.

Your Wish
Carefree operation of your server is your wish. You don’t want to worry about the security of your data and prefer to put the hosting in the hands of a professional IT service provider in Munich.
Your Business
You don’t have your own server room, the workshop or the office is not the right place for your sensitive data? Then our external hosting could be of interest to you.

IT-Consulting – IT Service Provider Munich gives holistic and individual Advice

“With our IT know-how and our experience in dealing with customers from all industries, we as IT service providers and IT consultants can ideally address the needs of our customers!”

Challenges of our customers:

  • Optimization of existing IT contracts and selection / conclusion of new IT contracts
  • Do you want to know what’s new on the market? We will also be happy to inform you about the current development and make suggestions
  • Holistic view of your IT landscape and processes, improvement of the current state
  • In the course of your DIN ISO certification, questions arise or technical measures become necessary? We offer you competent IT advice and help with implementation
  • Is a TISAX certification pending for your company? Do you need support and advice for this? We have experience in supporting companies in the TISAX certification process.

Your Benefits:

  • flexible billing model (e.g. hourly billing or billing per maintenance contract)
  • communication at eye level – colleagues who communicate clearly and openly with you and respond to your needs – no technical idiots and nerds with whom you don’t understand anything
  • Authentic cooperation – you are looking for help for a specific topic, we accept every challenge. If even we cannot help with certain topics, we will put you in touch with competent contacts from our long-term partner network

IT Security – always up to date with IT Services in Munich

“IT security covers many areas. We offer you expertise in all areas related to the security of your systems and data.

Our services:

  • Virus protection: WAY-Digital Solutions monitors your servers and reliably fends off attacks
  • Security updates of existing operating systems
  • Migrations to newer, more secure systems (e.g. switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10)
  • WAY Digital Solutions keeps your servers, workstations and your network up to date
  • We ensure secure mail traffic
  • Construction of secure mail gateways with spam and virus filters
  • Existing available mail gateway in our data center

Monitoring – efficient Monitoring of IT Processes by competent IT Service Providers

“Quick detection and proactive intervention in the event of problems in your IT landscape!”

Our services:

  • Monitoring your system landscape through active monitoring (our software monitors your systems and automatically sends messages to our support team, which then proactively resolves the problem)
  • Automatic notifications by email or telephone if required
  • fast problem-solving after the problem has been identified
  • we take proactive precautions so that the same problem does not recur

What is being monitored
– Is the server available?
– Are all services and programs available?
– When do SSL certificates or licenses expire?
– Is there still enough space available on the hard drive?
– Were the back-ups successful?
Success Criteria
– Problems are recognized early
– Costs are reduced
– Proactive intervention in the event of problems becomes possible

“More than a third of companies have no idea what costs they will have to expect if their own servers fail. Stratus now warns against underestimating the economic consequences of unplanned downtime: In fact, the cost of a single hour of server downtime can exceed $ 100,000”


Backup – Regular Data Backup as an IT Service

“Data gone? No problem! With our regular backups, your data is safe and never lost!”

Our services:

  • Regular backups at your location and, if required, also in the data center in the north of Munich
  • At the beginning, all data is backed up in the form of a full backup, then incremental backups take place daily, which means that only the changes are saved
  • In case of data loss: individual files or entire servers can be restored

It doesn’t matter whether you lose your data to mechanical failure, natural disaster, or criminal activity – the data is gone. But data doesn’t necessarily have to be lost. You can secure them.

Sources of Danger
– Internet, Websites
– Email & Email Attachments
– unchecked USB Sticks and other Storage Media
– Viruses and Trojans steal data (e.g. sensitive data such as account data can be spied on)
– Viruses can delete data in some cases
Ransomware: A hacker infiltrates your computer with a virus that encrypts your data. The hacker then blackmails you so that he can decrypt your data again. In the worst case scenario, the data is lost forever.

Hardware and Software – Advice, Delivery, Construction and Commissioning of System Components

“Would you like to optimize your IT infrastructure? As an IT full-service provider, we take care of it with our team of specialists!”


  • precise needs analysis before purchasing hardware and software
  • we are looking for the best offer for you
  • 1 contact person for selection, purchasing and delivery
  • we take care of the warranty processing for you
Hardware & Software
– software rental
– selection, purchase and delivery of hardware for our customers (PC, laptop, printer, accessories, server)
– individual configuration of hardware and software according to customer requirements and suitable for your existing environment
– commissioning (integration of the hardware into an existing domain structure, instruction of the employee)
Development and Expansion of the IT Infrastructure
– including all network components (switch, router, firewalls, LAN, WAN, WLAN)
– selection, purchase, delivery, commissioning of your telephone system
User Management
– Set up authorizations for data access and programs, e-mail addresses
– Set up workplace infrastructure including hardware and software including introduction to the systems
– License management (obtaining required licenses)


Home office – mobile working trend

“Follow the current trend: As a full-service IT provider, we create the prerequisites for your employees to be able to work efficiently from home and on the move.

Current development:

  • Do you want to protect your employees in Corona times?
  • In recent months, many companies have noticed how important it is to be well prepared for special work situations
  • Home office is booming and has proven itself in practice
  • Employees and employers demand home office

Terminal server
This solution is the best if you want to establish a very secure connection and also want to establish it in the long term. You need the hardware for this, i.e. the server, and a corresponding application, e.g. from Microsoft or Citrix. What happens: A reflection of your work environment on your computer. The advantage is that you can strictly separate the two worlds from each other. However, it is not the cheapest option.
VPN client
You set up a so-called virtual private network and use an encrypted connection between your computer and the company network. All you need to do is install software on your computer. This is a relatively simple solution, but unfortunately does not make a distinction between professional and private life. In other words: If you work with your private notebook or a rental device, your working world takes place on this device. And that can lead to difficulties in terms of information security, especially with a loaner.
Remote software
You can access your work computer from your computer using remote software. That means: You switch to the office computer with this software. And you work on this computer too; So you don’t have any data on your private device. However, the computer at the workplace must be switched on; as soon as it is switched off, you no longer have access. But it is the simplest solution and the fastest to implement.